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1. Reports that must be made after arriving at your research abroad destination

- An arrival report should be submitted to the mentor in Korea within seven days upon arrival.
- Report on Initiation of Research(연수 착수 보고서) should be submitted to both mentors in Korea and the international institution within thirty days upon arrival

2. Submission of progress reports (during research period) and a final report after returning to Korea

- Monthly progress report (including research title, performance progress, further research plan, improvements, and etc…) should be submitted to the office, using the official form/ template.
- An online meeting will be held every other month for the researchers to consult their research progress, plans, and other matters that require discussion.
- A final results report should be submitted to the office within thirty days upon the end of the program.
- Researchers must return to Korea within thirty days upon the end of the program. ‘The final results report and “Certificate of Entry & Exit” (issued by the immigration office or at www.minwon.go.kr) should be submitted to the mentor and P.I. of the project in Korea. (Otherwise, the researchers must return the total amount of the financial support.)

3. Temporary return and re-exit

- Researchers will be granted a maximum of fifteen days (if research duration is twelve months) and will have to bear all costs for the travel (roundtrips).

4. Publication of research findings after returning to Korea

- The results of the respective research should be published in collaboration with the PI from the international institution within one year upon the end of the program.
Master’s students *Choose one from below
-Submit a final result report of your study.
-Present research findings at a national or international conference as a poster or oral presentation (as first author).
PhD students Publish a SCI(E) article or present (oral) at one of the top academic conferences(as first author).
Post-Docs/ Research fellows Publish a SCI(E) article (only as the leading first author) or file a patent.
- Researchers should actively participate in research performance presentations and other events for further performance management.

5. For the following cases listed below, researchers will be required to return a certain amount of financial aid (depending on the situation) back to the program

- Early return to Korea without receiving permission and if the temporary stay exceeds fifteen days (Certificate of Entry and Exist must be submitted to the office)
- Due to more than seven days of unauthorized absence, the PI from the international institution comes to agreement that the researcher will not be able to achieve the objectives of the research.
- The researcher is unable to fulfill the expected, intended goals of the program by getting involved in other activities unrelated to the research of interest.
- Failure to submit / report the performance progress report / lab notes, experimental results, return to Korea in a timely manner.
※ Regarding further details on mandatory requirements and documents, please refer to the ‘Announcements’ board.