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Department of Health Sciences and Technology


The Department of Health Sciences and Technology provides the interdisciplinary education program in Oncology, Neurology, Metabolic Disease, Medical Informatics, Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell Medicine) as well as Development of Biologics. SAIHST is open for any undergraduate students majored in medicine, biology, pharmacology and public health who are interested to expand their career path in the healthcare industry and to contribute Korea to become the leading Health Sciences country.

With the establishment of The Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology (SAIHST) on March 2011, The Department of Health Sciences and Technology was born to contribute the clinical medicine and health sciences and technology (HST) of Korea. Even though Korea is one of the leading countries in treating patients in clinical medicine, the knowledge and technology used to treat patients are from other advanced countries. In order to step up to be the leader in medicine, the education in medicine must have the concrete ground on academia with firm research infrastructure. Thus, this department provides the program to educate and research clinical medicine in interdisciplinary aspects.

The Mission of Department
The mission of this department is to educate the convergent professionals with global perspectives through multidisciplinary education system in order to contribute Korea as the medical advancing country.
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Quick Facts
- Name of Dept. : Department of Health Sciences and Technology
- Title of Degree : For department of Health Science and Technology, the degree will be given as "Master of Science in Health Sciences and Technology" or "Ph.D. in Health Sciences and Technology." However, upon requests from graduates, the degree can be given as "Master in Engineering " or "PhD in Engineering." Department of Health Sciences and Technology only allows full-time students.
- Graduate Programs : master's degree programs, PhD program , Combined Master’s and PhD program
- Faculty members are from various majors : SAIHST, School of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, School of Pharmacy, College of Science, College of Information and Communication Engineering, Institute for Convergence, School of Business
- For further questions : (Email) biomed@skku.edu / (Tel) +82-2-2148-7797