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Department of Medical Device Management and Research


Distinctive to the previous education program focused on “Research and Development of Medical Devices”, our department is expanded our program to focus overall process from the development to the actual application through multidisciplinary and field centered courses such as : “Global Approval and Accreditation of Medical Devices”, “Economic Evaluation of Medical Devices” and “Technology Management of Medical Devices”. Our department aims to train and educate convergent practical professionals to contribute Korea to be the leading country in this medical device sector. Our department opens for undergraduate students with engineering department major.

Currently, the global medical device industry is rapidly expanding while few countries dominate the market share. Unlike other products, the medical device must comply rather complicated medical device laws from development to actual application stage. Therefore, the medical device industry requires the professionals with expertise in every stage from the development, the application and to practical marketplace.

Moreover, because such newly developed medical devices must also consider entering into the international market besides domestic market, this medical device sector requires trained professionals with global insights, knowledge as well as expertise on regulations and related global issues. Our department will endeavor to educate convergent experts with systematic and multidisciplinary aspects to contribute to Korea as a leading Medical Device country.

The difference of between previous “Bioengineering”
Besides focusing only on technological development, our department aims to provide course related to the overall medical device. Our program focuses on industrial aspects of medical device sector so that our graduates are equipped with diversified and convergent expertise in the medical device industry.

The Mission of Department
Our program aims to educate and train practice-oriented experts with convergent expertise and global aspects in order to contribute Korea to be leading medical device industrial country through comprehensive multidisciplinary education from medical device development stage to actual application to the marketplace.
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Quick Facts
- Name of Dept : Department of Medical Device Management and Research
- Title of Degree : Master of Science in Medical Device Management and Research, Ph.D in Medical Device Management and Research
- Graduate Programs : master's degree programs, PhD program , Combined Master’s and PhD program
- Faculty members are from various majors : SAIHST, School of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, School of Business
- For further questions : (Email) medevice@skku.edu / (Tel.) +82-2-2148-7799