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Department of Digital Health, to educate professionals and leaders for future precision medicine


While the current situation displays the rapid increase of interests and expectations on future medical research and precision medicine, our Department of Digital Health is established to meet the needs of the global medical industry.

The Department of Digital Health provides the comprehensive programs that cover and combine diversified sectors; big data analytics, data-driven medicine, mobile healthcare, population health management, smart hospitals and etc., with an aim to educate and train professionals with creativeness and global competitiveness.

Health/medical data science course aims to achieve the novel methodology development and convergent application of big data analytics which is the essential part of creating the medical value and designing research protocols of overall medicine and biotechnology with understating of biology, clinical medicine, genetics/genomics, public health, statistics, computing and other variety of academia.

Currently, there are needs for medical research leader and experts with knowledge and experience on health/medical data science sector due to the advancement of precision medicine and digital health application to future medical research and clinical practice based on the health/medical big data analytics.

Moreover, in the area of connected health such as mobile healthcare and smart hospitals, global world is experiencing the rapid development of IT technology especially in mobile technology and IoT(Internet of Things) sectors. Thus, the educating research professionals to contribute medical development and public health promotions through innovation of the previous model and develop patient care model in an aspect of medicine is critical for this nation.

To respond to the current needs in the digital health industry, we will endeavor to educate and train students to achieve global competitiveness through comprehensive and systematic courses on medicine and health/medical data sciences.

The Mission of Department
With under-graduated students (should have one of following major: medicine, biology, public health, pharmacy, data processing, statists, mathematics, and other related areas), the department has a goal to educate our students to be the leaders and experts in the digital health area.
This goal is to contribute to human health promotion and lead future precision medicine through convergent and comprehensive programs; mobile healthcare, ubiquitous healthcare, smart hospitals, and related theories and technologies to achieve connected health, as well as convergent education of biomedical science, computing, medical informatics, and other related fields to produce the novel medical value
Department UI
Quick Facts
- Name of Dept : Department of Digital Health
- Title of Degree : Master of Science in Digital Health, Ph.D. in Digital Health
- Graduate Programs : PhD program , Combined Master’s and PhD program
- Faculty members are from various majors : SAIHST, School of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Information and Communication Engineering, Institute for Convergence
- For further questions : (Tel.) +82-2-2148-7797