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우수성과SAIHST 구성원의 언론보도내용 및 수상내역, 각 연구분야의 우수 학술지에 게재된 논문 등 우수한 성과들을 소개합니다.

[방창현 교수/ 우수논문] Chemical Engineering Journal, 15 Sep 2022
No 106
작성자 관리자
등록일 2022/10/18




방창현 교수



 IF: 16.744



Chemical Engineering Journal. 15 September 2022. DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2022.136581


Ultra-intimate hydrogel hybrid skin patch with asymmetric elastomeric spatula-like cylinders


Jihyun Lee, Bum Soo Lee, Sangyul Baik, Da Wan Kim, No-June Park, Jin Woo Lee, Sim-Kyu Bong, Sang Heon Lee, Su-Nam Kim, Jin Ho Song, Jung Kyu Kim, Gi-Ra Yi, Ki Hyun Kim and Changhyun Pang



Intelligent bioinspired adhesive devices are attracting attention as a tool for the treatment of various skin diseases. Fully compliant skin contact is crucial for consistent effective therapy through a transdermal interface, for which structured materials for an intelligent adhesion should be developed. It is also important to design such skin patch with non-invasive, human-friendly treatment material and small structural interface for effective treatment of skin disorder. Herein, we fabricated the asymmetric elastomeric adhesive structures that mimics the spatula-like setae of diving beetles capable of directional adhesion and nanoporous hydrogel. Our hybrid skin patch devices demonstrated reversible and directional adhesion to the complex skin surface, while allowing the drug-containing hydrogel to be in ultra-intimate contact with the non-flat skin with hierarchical roughness. With the aid of diving beetle-inspired adhesive, this extraordinary conformal hydrogel interface provides an efficient strategy for the treatment of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis.


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