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우수성과SAIHST 구성원의 언론보도내용 및 수상내역, 각 연구분야의 우수 학술지에 게재된 논문 등 우수한 성과들을 소개합니다.

[방창현 교수/ 우수논문] Advanced Functional Materials, 16 Feb 2022
No 104
작성자 관리자
등록일 2022/10/18





방창현 교수



 IF: 19.924


Chemical Engineering Journal.2022 February 1.DOI10.1016/j.cej.2021.132467


Tough Carbon Nanotube-Implanted Bioinspired Three-Dimensional Electrical Adhesive for Isotropically Stretchable Water-Repellent Bioelectronics


Hyeongho Min, Sangyul Baik, Jinhyung Kim, Jihyun Lee, Bo-Gyu Bok, Jin Ho Song, Min-Seok Kim, and Changhyun Pang



Integrated bioelectronics with conformal adhesion interfaces on dry/wet biosurfaces and water-repellent stretchable electric elements are in high demand for reliable real-time diagnostics of the dynamic human body. Here, the authors present a diving beetle-inspired electro-adhesive patch with mechanically robust nanowire-implanted conductive multiscale architectures that provides a skin-adaptable, isotropically stretchable interface for a multiple-biosignal monitoring device. Using a facile all-solution-based process, a hydrophobic, stretchable carbon-nanotube-implanted conductive composite electrode on insect-like adhesive architectures is fabricated. The conductive adhesive patch with bioinspired wrinkled microsuction cups exhibits remarkable enhanced wet adhesion with sweat-drainability, as well as high stretchable electrical performance under tensile strain in dry and wet conditions. Owing to the high durability and softness of the bioinspired electric adhesive patch, its performance is successfully maintained even with repeated attachment (<1000 cycles) and mechanical stretching. To demonstrate a multiplexed wearable device, a temperature-sensitive conductive material is coated onto the isotropically strain-insensitive stretchable electrode to allow simultaneous electrocardiogram and temperature measurements on soft skin in dry and wet environments.


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