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59th Digital Healthcare Forum
Date 2019/12/26
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59th Digital Healthcare Forum





59th Digital Healthcare Forum was held on Tuesday, December 17.


Prof. Sung Wook Seo from the Department of Orthopedics at Samsung Medical Center gave a lecture on ‘Decision-making system based on Bayesian Deep Learning.’


Medical decisions related to actual treatments not only need for a correlation but also require causal reasoning. However, most of the machine learning algorithms focus on connection, such as the existing statistical method. They have limits that can cause an information distortion on causation.


Prof. Seo addressed the following three points that can overcome the limits of causal reasoning using an AI decision-making system, which combines the concept of an adaptive clinical trial with machine learning.


The three perspectives are;

1) Long-term delayed effect

2) Causal effect

3) Uncertainty and risk quantification


Regarding various methodologies and models, Prof. Seo explained them with specific examples and formulas. Therefore, audiences can understand and learn more efficiently. Also, the lecture on the projects conducted by Prof. Seo’s research team can help the audience to understand how to enhance clinical decision making based on Bayesian Deep Learning, which can lead to precision medicine.


Written by In Jeong Shim (Department of Digital Health)






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