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[Department of Clinical Research Design and Evaluation] Spring 2020 New Students Orientation
Date 2019/12/06
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 Department of Clinical Research Design and Evaluation held New Student Orientation for all incoming spring 2020 newcomers.







    New Student Orientation for all incoming spring 2020 freshmen occurred on Wednesday, December 4th, 2020, in the 仁 lecture room(on the 9th floor, Bldg. B

in the Samsung Insurance Building at Irwon Station). Eleven new students, Prof./Department Chair Ju Hee Cho and faculty members (Prof. Seung Ho Ryu,

Prof. Yoo Soo Chang, Prof. Han-Na Kim, Prof. Danbee Kang) attended the orientation.

    Department Chair Ju Hee Cho gave a welcome speech to newly coming students. Also, Prof. Eliseo Guallar, who had helped to design the early stage of

the curriculum and has still made a contribution to the department in many ways, gave a special lecture on ‘The importance of Clinical Epidemiology.’

    Following the special lecture, the faculty members were introduced and gave welcome messages. First-year students also had opportunities to introduce

themselves to other attendees. Lastly, the introduction on step by step curriculum, including basic concepts to research practice of Clinical Epidemiology

(Level 1~3), academic schedule, and Q&A session took place for incoming students.

    Department of Clinical Research Design and Evaluation had targeted to educate the professionals from the medical device industry as an industry training

program. However, as of 2020, the department also recruited students for the general course for the first time. 






















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