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2018 Global Ph.D. Fellowship Program Awardees
Date 2018/08/08
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2018 Global Ph.D. Fellowship Program Awardees




Four SAIHST students have received GPF (Global PhD Fellowship) which is government funded program to cultivate global level PhD research professionals.  

* Awardees are : 

  - Dept. of Health Science and Technology :   Joo Hyun Kim, Joon Ho Shim, Hye In Jee

  - Dept. of Digital Health : Man Kyung Lee


This Global PhD Fellowship (GPF) Program is the government funded program by the Ministry of Education started from year 2011.

This program supports PhD students to encourage research activities with future potentials.

GPF awardee number is used for university's research capability index.


This GPF awardee will receive 30 million won per year. (3 years for PhD students, 5 years for Master-PhD combined program students)


Congratulations !



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