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The 41th Digital Healthcare Forum
Date 2018/07/10
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 The 41th Digital Healthcare Forum


On June 25, 2018 (Mon), the 41th Digital Healthcare Forum was held.
On this day, Professor Nam Kook Kim (Asan Medical Center / Ulsan Medical School of Department of Convergence Medicine)

talked about "the 4th Industrial Evolution and Medicine ; Engineer's Perspective".


Currently, concerns on applying artificial intelligence in medicine are rapidly increasing.
Professor addressed that applying artificial intelligence in medicine will eventually improve the quality of medical system and its' productivity.

Thus, it will help patients suffering from diseases.
In order to use AI properly, he spoked that the interactive communication between AI and practitioners in vital.
AI experts and medical practitioners should work together to develop better technologies for mankind.

Also, he talked that although Korea is joined this 4th industrial evolution wave rather late, but this could also be a chance for us to step forward and lead the future.



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