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[Hyo Keun LIM/ The director of SAIHST] The Korean Society of Medical Informatics Spring Symposium
Date 2018/06/19
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Hyo Keun LIM MD PhD

 (The Korean Society of Medical Informatics Spring Symposium
The Chairman of Organizing Committee



“The standardization of the Electronic Medical Record system is not an easy problem to solve. We all know that the standardization is critical but it is always difficult to apply in clinical practice. Thus, the situation calls for strong support and initiatives (from government)”.
The Chairman of organizing committee of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics Spring Symposium, Professor Hyo Keun Lim MD PhD said during press conference at June 14, “our future lies on how government appropriately supports the standardization of the medical data”.
After graduation of medical school, he joined Samsung Medical Center as the founding member on year 1994, and he served as the Executive Vice President and CSO, the Executive Vice President and CMO of Samsung Medical Center, and he is currently the Director of Samsung Advance Institute of Health Sciences & Technology (SAIHST).
From June 14 to 15, as the Director of Organizing committee, Dr. Lim organized this symposium under the theme of “Evolving Data for Better Health”.
This symposium holds 15 sessions with various topics on case report of digital healthcare industry, AI, mobile health, big data, precision medicine, nursing informatics, standardization and etc. Also, during this symposium, HL7 Asia Annual Symposium will be held by HL7 Korea and ‘Medical Informatics Leaders Forum’.
In order to develop healthcare service such as medical AI, it is vital to set up well-made medical big data platform.  Although many of Korean medical hospitals now adopted EMR system, it is said that the digitalization speed is rather early compared to other countries but actual usable data is not enough.
In addition, it is critical to have cooperation between doctors and data scientists.  For this reason, this symposium will act large portion.  The Director Lim emphasized that “doctors work at clinical fields but there are not experts on medical informatics.  And we need experts to manage medical informatics with open heart and this is the role of this symposium”.





Two issues of increasing utilization through data standardization and maintaining data security, the symposium needs to have its firm stand.  The Director LIM addressed that “EU announced GDPR regarding protection of private information which imposes over 20 million Euro (over 4% of its revenue) fine for violation of this rule” and “this means that utilization of data is critical”.  He also talked that “if data security is not secured with standardization at the same time, advancement of medical informatics sector will be other countries’ story, thus, we need to put all our efforts to cooperate in standardization forum and security forum that are related to medical data”.


Also, we need to think about the influence of the medical technology advancement. The Director Lim talked that “the purpose of new technology is to decrease the cost and increase the revenue, but the reality is that after new EMR system, we could only have 10 patients instead of 100 patients while it requires new staff for system management” and “this is irony of the technology”.  He said that “in sociological aspect, we all need to think about the effect of overall development of technology including medical informatics.” And “without preventive plan, we could have serious problems and issues lies ahead”.  

source: The Korea Economic Daily  


Original article: 한국경제 전자의료정보시스템 표준화 위해 정부 차원의 당근 필요

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