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the 47th Digital Healthcare Forum
Date 2018/12/24
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                                                                   The 47the Digital Healthcare Forum 



On Dec.18 Tuesday, the 47th Digital Healthcare forum was held on Dec. 18, Tuesday.

For this session, NAVER D2SF(D2StartupFactory) Leader, Sang Hwan Yang spoked about the “Corporate Venturing”.


If you are not planning to work at one company for whole life and thinking about finding your ‘own job’, you may have a chance to meet a investor once.

Among so-called investors, corporate investors has rather different color.   


Mr. Yang shared his experience with how company founders and corporate investors come to meet.  

His team, NAVER D2SF is the technology start-up company investment support program, and has been invested to over 30 start-up companies in various sectors such as ; Healthcare, VR and mobility with highly qualified technologies.


The essence of the technology start-up is the ‘technology’ that resolve the needs of customer and market, and create new value through that technology and cultivate such technology as the core competitiveness of its company.   However, he addressed that among many of start-up companies, such technology based start-up companies are less than 10 percent.   

Also, in current market place,  many start-up companies are facing serious obstacles such as; securing the funding source, commercializing its product and  structuring the profitable model, despite that they have outstanding core technologies.   

It was very informative session for anyone interested in technology start-up companies !






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