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The 45th Digital Healthcare Forum
Date 2018/11/06
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The 45th Digital Healthcare Forum


The 45th Digital Healthcare Forum was held on Oct 16 Tuesday.  


The speaker of this forum was Sang-joon Park CEO of MEDICAL IP.   

He talked about “The Present and Future of the Medical Image Processing Technique based 3D printing solution”.  


The 3D printing currently draws high attention as the core technology that will lead the 4th industrial revolution. 

Especially, the 3D printing technology is highly noted in medical industry as the core technology to lead innovations.  


Medical IP is a research company with various core technologies in medical image sector through highly qualified medical 3D printing know-how.

He addressed that his company provides the predictive organ model for surgery and treatment when it is hard to make decision upon previous medical images.   

Thus, it could lead to positive outcomes to both patients and doctors.   

With many cases shown during presentation, the presenter explained rising issues regarding 3D printing technology and many participants had interesting and informative time.




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