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The 1st SAIHST Faculty Workshop
Date 2017/05/26
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The 1st SAIHST faculty Workshop

 The 1st SAIHST faculty workshop was held on May 24, 2017. 

Over 30 participating SAIHST faculty members participated this faculty workshop.
Seven faculty members shared their current research and interests, and all participants exchanged thoughts.


The Director of SAIHST, Prof. Lim emphasized that it is vital for SAIHST faculty members to share ideas and talk frequently to enhance competitiveness of SAIHST as a whole.


 * Presentation by ;
   Prof. Yoon Yep, Prof. Nae Eung Lee, Prof, Hong Hee Won, Prof. Yoon Bae Kim, 

   Prof, Kyung Kyu Kim, Prof. Jae Hyung Park, Prof. Joo Hee Choi


This SAIHST faculty workshop will be conducted annually to improve communication and share research ideas among SAIHST faculty members.











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