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The 1st SAIHST Annual Symposium
Date 2018/01/05
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The 1st SAIHST Annual Symposium



On December 28, Thursday 2017, the 1st SAIHST Annual Symposiums was held at main auditorium of Samsung Medical Center Cancer Center.
On this day, over 120 students, faculty and research staffs were participated, and was started with welcoming address from the Director of SAIHST, Professor Hyo Keun Lim MD PhD.
He hoped that this event would encourage all members of SAIHST to investigate convergent research ideas and enhance research competitiveness of SAIHST.






During this symposium, there was oral presentation and poster presentation session by SAIHST students.

They presented and shared their current research activities and achievements.  

Among these oral presenters, symposium panels selected eight students for award ;
■ SAIHSTer Green: Chang-Hoon Shin  (PI: Prof. Hyun-Ho Kim )
■ SAIHSTer Blue: Ye-ji Kim (PI: Prof. Dong-il Choi), Young-Taek Oh (PI: Prof. Do-Hyun Nam)   * Co-received
■ SAIHSTer Aqua: Jee-Hyun Kim (PI: Prof. Jee-Eun Lee ), Sang-Hee Ahn (PI: Young-i Han ), Joon-sang Yoo (PI: Prof. Won-chul Cha ),

                               Woo-sung Jeong (PI: Prof. Yoong-Yang Park ), Yeon-A Hong (PI: Prof. Sung-Hee Lee )
And among poster presenters, six presenters were awarded.
 ■ SAIHSTer Poster Award
    : Kyung-Joo Ryu  (PI: Prof. Suk-Jin Kim ), Soo-Jin Moon (PI: Prof. Jeong Hoon Kim), Hyun-Kyu Park (PI: Prof. Do-Hyun Nam ),

     Sin-Ji Oh  (PI: Prof. Jee-Eun Lee ), Chung-woo Oh (PI: Prof. Do-Hyum Nam ), Sang-Eun Lee (PI: Prof. Do-Hyum Nam )






Congratulations for all those awardees  for their hard work and passion for research !
After symposium, there was a banquet for all participants for chats and fun ! 








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