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2018 Fall Graduate School Fair
Date 2018/09/07
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<2018 SKKU Graduate School Fair>

SKKU holds <2018 SKKU Graduate School Fair> on October 2nd (Seoul) and 4th (Suwon).
2018 SKKU Graduate School Fair is designed to inform students of education programs regarding higher academic degrees; possible options and career after achieving the degrees; information on scholarships.
Aside from the main event of introducing SKKU Graduate Schools in a lecture form, students can freely participate in programs prepared by each booth of the majors.
Representatives of each major would welcome our students and answer to each of your inquiries. Please do not hesitate to ask for education & career counseling service on the booths.
We look forward to your participation.

○ Time and Place

▶Humanities and Social Sciences Campus(Seoul)
- When: 2018. 10.2 (Tue) 12:30 ~ 15:30
- Where:
①12:30~13:20 in Korean Language
  13:20~13:40 in Korean or English Language
Multimedia Lecture Room (10602), 6th floor, 600th Anniversary Hall,
ChoByungDoo International Conference Hall (10501), 5th floor, 600th Anniversary Hall,
- Contents:
①Counseling service on Graduate School Majors which are located in Seoul Campus (including Professional Graduate Schools),
②Admission/Scholarships/BS&MS Integrated Program)

▶Natural Sciences Campus (Suwon)
-When: 2018. 10.4. (Thu), 12:30 ~ 15:30
①12:30~13:20 in Korean Language
  13:20~13:40 in Korean or English Language
Auditorium (48B108), B1, Samsung Library
Reading Room A and C, B1 floor, Samsung Library
③15:30~17:00 Open Lab.

- Contents:
①Counseling Service on Graduate School Majors which are located in Suwon Campus (including Professional Graduate Schools)
②Admission/Scholarships/BS&MS Integrated Program)

○ How to Apply in Advance
- send your application online via http://graduateschool.skku.edu/seoulsuwon
(students may participate without sending application in advance)
- Gifts would be handed out onsite for the students who have applied in advance, on a first-come-first-served basis.
※ Application Period for Admission for Graduate Schools: 2018. 9. 10 (Mon) ~ 10. 11 (Thu)

※Please note that different majors would participate on different dates, based on the campus that each major is located at.
- Oct. 2nd(Tue) Seoul: Humanities, Social Sciences, School of Art
- Oct. 4th(Thu) Suwon: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Sports Sciences
※ Major of Law, Interaction Sciences participate in both campuses.
- Oct. 2nd(Tue) Suseonggwan (Suwon) : Sport Science
- Food Science only participate in open Lab. from 15:30~17:00

○ Inquiry : Office of International Student Services : 031-290-5027 (intlgrad@skku.edu)



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