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Insurance Application for Int'l Students
Date 2019/03/11
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Insurance Application for Int'l Students

It is obligatory for every international student to buy insurance. Please join insurance referring to methods below. Group insurance of SKKU (term insured : 1st,  Mar, ~ 31th, Aug, 2019) is the cheapest and most simple way to get insurance.

Students who didn’t pay the insurance fee at the time of tuition payment please check the registrating the group insurance process

[Insuring Method 1] Pay International Student Insurance (optional tuition fee) which is issued upon tuition bill within registration period

[Insuring Method 2] Join our group insurance during the period when the insurance officers visit our school
* Seoul Campus: 10:00 ~ 16:00 on 19th~20th, Mar. 2019  the robby floor in International Hall
* Suwon Campus: 10:00 ~ 16:00 on 21th~22th, Mar. 2019  in front of Student Center

[Insuring Method 3] On-line registration
* Registration for the insurance is available on the KB insurance website www.soskb.co.kr

[Insuring Method 4] Individual insurance
* Korean National Health Insurance or other insurance company
- Students joining insurance individually shall upload the insurance certificate on "Insurance Certificate Registration" of GLS or submit the document to OISS.

O Inquiry: 02-760-0021 / psj980@skku.edu




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