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[이내응 교수/ 우수논문] Advanced Materials. 2017 Sep 27
No 61
Date 2017/10/18




이내응 교수

(SAIHST 융합의과학과)


Impact Factor ('16) = 19.791



Advanced Materials. 2017 Nov;29(42). doi: 10.1002/adma.201703004.



A Solution-Processable, Omnidirectionally Stretchable, and High-Pressure-Sensitive Piezoresistive Device.

Eun Roh, Han-Byeol Lee, Do-Il Kim, Nae-Eung Lee



The development of omnidirectionally stretchable pressure sensors with high performance without stretching-induced interference has been hampered by many challenges. Herein, an omnidirectionally stretchable piezoresistive pressure-sensing device is demonstrated by combining an omniaxially stretchable substrate with a 3D micropattern array and solution-printing of electrode and piezoresistive materials. A unique substrate structural design and materials mean that devices that are highly sensitive are rendered, with a stable out-of-plane pressure response to both static (sensitivity of 0.5 kPa-1 and limit of detection of 28 Pa) and dynamic pressures and the minimized in-plane stretching responsiveness (a small strain gauge factor of 0.17), achieved through efficient strain absorption of the electrode and sensing materials. The device can detect human-body tremors, as well as measure the relative elastic properties of human skin. The omnidirectionally stretchable pressure sensor with a high pressure sensitivity and minimal stretch-responsiveness yields great potential to skin-attachable wearable electronics, human-machine interfaces, and soft robotics applications.




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