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Faulty List At SAIHST, we have faculties from various backgrounds such as ; basic science, clinical medicine, pharmacology, engineering, business etc. SAIHST is always open for future competent faculties to lead biomedical science.

Kiyoung kim / Ph.D.
Name : Kiyoung kim  Ph.D. Department : SAIHST Title : Adjunct professor Campus : Office : E-mail : kykim@artificial.sc Homepage : Lab. title : Related Department : Department of Digital health Print
■ Careers
2012 B.S. Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University
2018 Ph.d. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Seoul National University
2021 – Present, CEO of Artificial Society

■ Research Interests
Generative Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing

■ Research Keyword
Generative AI, Natural language processing, AI companion, gaze tracking, Dyslexia

■ Selected Publications
1. Sangwon Yoon, Subeen Park & Kiyoung Kim 2021 Diagnosis of Dyslexia by Mobile Gaze Tracking, 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021), Sydney, Australia.

2. Kiyoung Kim 2021, Metaverse Technology – The final destination of digital transformation, Acorn Publishing, ISBN: 9791161755731

3. Kiyoung Kim & Haecheon Choi 2019 Turbulent core-annular flow with water-lubricated high viscosity oil in a horizontal pipe, 10 th International conference on Multiphase Flow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

4. Jaehee Chang, Kiyoung Kim & Haecheon Choi 2019 Alocally redistributed level-set method for the prediction of breakup and coalescence of bubbles, 10 th International conference on Multiphase Flow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

5. Kiyoung Kim & Haecheon Choi 2018 Direct numerical simulation of turbulent core-annular flow with water-lubricated high viscosity oil in a vertical pipe, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 849, 419-447.

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