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Faulty List At SAIHST, we have faculties from various backgrounds such as ; basic science, clinical medicine, pharmacology, engineering, business etc. SAIHST is always open for future competent faculties to lead biomedical science.

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Name : 연구실   Department : Title : Campus : Office : Laboratory of Epigenetic Transcriptional Regulation E-mail : jeongkim@skku.edu Homepage : Lab. title : Related Department : Department of Health Sciences and Technology Print
■ Research Objectives 
The research focus of our laboratory is to investigate molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulator (transcription factors and coregulators)-mediated tumorigenesis and cancer progression. We have discovered and characterized several novel transcriptional coregulators, which interact with the activated transcription factors, facilitate transcription complex formation and long-range enhancer-promoter communication, and establish active and repressive epigenetic states of chromatin. The study of coregulators including epigenetic modifiers has recently become one of the most exciting and fast-moving areas of epigenetic gene regulation fields; it provides an exciting opportunity to extend our understanding of the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in cancer cells. A more complete understanding of how transcription factors and coregulators regulate gene expression should provide new insights into cancer epigenetics and suggest new strategies for cancer therapy. 

■ Research Keywords: Transcriptional regulation, Transcription factors, Coregulators, Histone modifications, Epigenetics, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Colon cancer

■ Ongoing Research Projects
1) Roles of histone acetylation and methylation in epigenetic regulation of gene expression and cancer progression
2) Mechanism of AR variant AR-V7-mediated CRPC progression and development of AR-V7 targeting drugs
3) Preclinical and mechanistic studies of bruceantin as an anti-advanced castration-resistant prostate cancer agent
4) Deciphering the Estrogen Receptor Hinge Post-Translational Modification (PTM) and Mutation Codes in Endocrine-Resistant Breast Cancer and Investigating the Role of DBC1 as a Key Regulator of ER

■ Ongoing
Lab: 02-2148-7280
Email: jeongkim@skku.edu

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