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우수성과SAIHST 구성원의 언론보도내용 및 수상내역, 각 연구분야의 우수 학술지에 게재된 논문 등 우수한 성과들을 소개합니다.

[김재윤 교수/ 우수논문] Chemistry of Materials. 2019 Jul 23
No -1
작성자 관리자
등록일 2019/11/08



김재윤 교수

SAIHST 융합의과학과


Impact Factor('18)= 10.159



Chemistry of Materials. Volume 31, Issue 14, 23 July 2019, Pages 5181-5189


In Situ Magnetic Alignment and Cross-Linking of Injectable Microparticles into Centimeter-Scale Fibers for Efficient Myoblast Alignment and in Vivo Fiber Formation(Article)
Seung Woo Choi, Youngjin Choi, Jaeyun Kim*


Muscle cell alignment plays an essential key role in the development of parallelly organized myotubes and the exertion of mechanical functions. Despite remarkable advances in cell alignment, there is still a need for a simpler and more efficient method of stably aligning and supporting cells. Here, we propose magnetic assembly of alginate-coated magnetic microparticles for myoblast alignment. Applying an external magnetic field in a controlled manner followed by ionic cross-linking of adjacent alginate chains led to the formation of stable linear alignment of particles in centimeter-scale even after the removal of the magnetic field. Based on this anisotropic alignment of bundles consisting of magnetic particles with further modification of alginate with arginine-glycine-aspartic acid, myoblast alignment was successfully demonstrated in vitro. Moreover, these particles can be simply injected through a needle without extra surgery and magnetically assembled to maintain the aligned structure in vivo. This injectable material platform can provide a facile method to supply structural directionality to the cells being regenerated, especially myoblasts for muscular tissues in clinical muscle loss or injury. © 2019 American Chemical Society. 


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